Buh-Bye 2019 and HELLO Big Vision & Support!

The theme I keep hearing from personal and professional friends, colleagues, and family members is that 2019 was (and continues to be) a demanding year. And as we get closer to the close of it, I’m also hearing people (including myself!) use words and phrases like “transformative,” “game-changing,” “releasing,” “learning to accept help,” and “creating foundations for exponential growth” when discussing why 2019 seems a bit more intense than past years.

Perhaps 2019 wasn’t actually any different than past years, but the general perception I’m running into and feeling wholeheartedly myself — and perception IS our truth in any give moment — is that 2019 demanded a deeper level of commitment and honest introspection than ever before. And quite frankly, it wasn’t comfortable.

BUT … this demand resulted in many of us changing long-held viewpoints or beliefs which lead to new conclusions, which prompted new game-changing decisions, which brought greater alignment of work and action with our core truths and life purposes, which now leads us to take everything — our daily self-care practices, our businesses, our health, our relationships — to bigger and brighter levels.

This lofty, ambitious, big vision situation simply makes me say, “YAY!!!”

Because, instead of fear and overwhelm when I contemplate these huge and transformative changes, I feel excitement. I feel expansion. And I feel an element of freedom that has been missing for quite a while.

My 2020 Vision

I’m riding this intense and demanding wave right along with everyone else. Maybe it was turning 50 this year. Maybe it’s something unknowable and cosmic. Maybe it’s just the combination of all the things happening in the world. But I am sitting here at the end of 2019 and stating unequivocally that it’s time for me to stop playing small. (I KNOW I’m not the only one!)

It’s time for us to stand up, do our passionate work and do more to help ourselves AND others in order to make our world and communities healthier, more compassionate, and more human so we all can live lives that make sense.

To that end, I’m …

  • Reviewing my assets and resources and deciding where I need help, then actively seeking that help, whether that means hiring someone, asking for support, or being stricter with my time and boundaries.
  • Revisiting my short- and long-term business goals, tweaking as needed, and then turning a laser focus on what needs doing so goals are met — or surpassed.
  • Revamping my priorities to better align with my purpose and goals and consciously deciding what will no longer be allowed to be a road block to my success and personal happiness.

These actions help set into motion things that have the potential to take my business and my life into brand new spaces that will benefit not only me, but many others.

In a nutshell, I’m planning for strategic, exponential, and expansive growth in 2020 — on all levels.

What’s 2020 Looking Like for You?

Become a student of change. It's the only thing that will remain constant. Anthony j D'Angelo

How has 2019 treated you? What changes did the year demand of you? What is your big dream or vision you want to manifest for you and/or your business in 2020? What are you working on? Do you know what resources you’ll need? Do you know what are the next steps you need to take?

When uncomfortable sensations predominate, it’s time to change something. These sensations prompt us to do something differently which in turn brings us growth and the desire to step into something new. Change is inevitable and unavoidable so let’s use it to envision what we want and then take active steps to achieve it.

Start with Support

One of the things I love about what I do is I can actively help my clients reach their goals. Whatever their business, whether service or product based, I help them tell their story and reach their audience so they can sell that service or product which, in turn, keeps the small and mid-sized — LOCAL — business community thriving. I think this is a vital piece.

When you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, too often you’re solo much of the time. We miss out on the benefits of working within a team that can be found when working in a larger company or corporation.

To help provide a solution to this problem, I’ve created a Facebook group called Messaging Matters! and I’d like to invite you to join me there. I’ll share tips and information as well as be available to answer questions, but there’ll also be a community of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to lean into for much-needed support.

Together we can brainstorm.

Together we can share tactics and tips.

Together we can find solutions for the internal business issues and questions our clients and customers never see.

Together, we’re better!

Join Messaging Matters!

I look forward to seeing you in Messaging Matters! and hearing what visions and changes you’re working to bring to fruition in 2020!




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