How to Show Clients & Customers Gratitude

Showing our clients and customers that we care about them goes a long way in building our relationships. They feel good, you feel good, and in turn, you want to work together again. You and your client/customer talk to other people about your amazing experience working together and you create a network of referrals. These are powerful, positive interactions, all coming out of genuine gratitude and goodwill.

How do you show your clients or customers that you care about them and are happy to serve them? I’ve got five ideas for you:

5 Ways to Show Clients Gratitude:

1. Handwrite a Thank You Card

This is certainly not a new idea. But in this age of digital overload, receiving a thank you card in the mail is a big deal. When you’re on the receiving end of a handwritten thank you card, you know that the sender took time to think of you. It’s meaningful. Don’t be afraid to be personal and share specific details of how and why you’re thankful for your client. The details will demonstrate your appreciation. If you stock up on a variety of thank you cards, and some stamps, you’ll be able to send that note right when you think of it. (And don’t worry about needing your branding all over it, in fact, it’s not recommended! This quick video explains why.)

2. Spotlight a Customer

This is something that I LOVE doing in my newsletter.  One of the things I love about my work is that I really get to know my clients and the WHY of their business as we develop their brand message and content marketing pieces. Naturally, I want to share what my clients have to offer with my other clients and followers. The customer spotlight creates a circle of gratitude that also benefits both businesses. It’s a win-win!

3. Give Them a Gift

When realtors complete a sale with a client, they typically show their thanks with a gift. They might present a new lamp for the home, a vase, or a gift certificate to the local nursery. Generally, people love the gesture of being given a gift.

What kinds of gifts can you give a client? Local gifts are a great way to support your local economy. Do you have a local bakery, nursery, or bookstore? If you’re a big business, you may do all the gifts the same, if you’re smaller, it’s an easier process to mix and match. Either way, be sure to include a little message that lets your clients know how you’re grateful for them.

4. Host a Customer Appreciation Event

If you enjoy gatherings, this idea is for you. Events are a festive way to make your clients feel valued. And they’re another way to help support your local economy. People love FREE food! Music can be a big hit, too. Many businesses host customer appreciation days and give prizes away. Events can be simple to lavish: outdoor barbecues, gourmet sit down dinners, chocolate bars chock full of tasty choices, hot cider, or wine and craft beers, fancy hors d’oeuvres and pastries, games, and raffles … the options are endless!

5. Gift Them a Something Completely Different

Think outside the box! Perhaps book the services of a massage therapist who travels and is willing to go to your client. Or perhaps book the services of a photographer to shoot your clients new headshot OR perhaps her family holiday portrait. Or if you know your client is going to be travelling to someplace new, is there a guidebook or something else helpful you could give them, or a local resource or connection you could provide? Does your client have a hobby that you could acknowledge in a gift in some way? The point is, the effort to come up with something different will be appreciated!

For more ideas, visit my blog post 7 Creative Client & Vendor Gift-Giving Ideas.

How Do You Show Gratitude?

How do you practice gratitude (personally or professionally)? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

And before I end, I truly want to thank all of you, my readers, clients, and followers. Message Artist Creative Group is growing so much and I have all of you to thank!


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