Admiral Packaging Project:

LCA Study Webpage, Case Study, and Sales Sheet

Project Overview

One of the key tools that Admiral Packaging uses to help their clients make more informed and data driven decisions around sustainable packaging is through the use of a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Study. This tool helps compare the advantages and disadvantages of nearly any package choice a client can make and it delivers quantifiable data in an unbiased way. Their use of this tool is fairly unique and provides them with a distinct UVP which they needed to highlight to attract new customers.


  • Admiral had worked with a previous marketing resource and were unsatisfied with the results, so were wary and cautious about hiring out for this project.
  • They have a sub-brand attached to their sustainability efforts that needed to be incorporated into all new materials in a way that allowed it to comfortably sit under their main brand.


  • A new web page that would highlight their unique service offering
  • LCA Case Study that would provide more in-depth information for prospective clients who are moving through their sales funnel and process
  • An informative sales sheet their sales reps could leverage in their process of reaching out to potential new customers

Solution & Deliverables*

LCA Study Webpage

Websites change. Please view the PDF for an accurate depiction of the content we created.

Sales Sheet

Case Study

*Sales Sheet and Case Study Design by Susi Clark.

About the Client

Admiral Packaging, Inc. manufactures and delivers high quality flexible packaging through best-in-class technology, skilled employees, and commitment to service. They are committed to sustainable processes and continuous improvement, making strong strides to reduce water usage and CO2 and sulfur emissions.


“We worked with the team at Message Artist Creative Group to collaborate on a sell sheet, a case study, and a web page for a new service we were launching. Deb and her team were easy to work with and provided excellent ideas and concepts for us to be able to finalize our project on time. Our collaborations were discussion based and our team was able to throw out suggestions and changes to Deb and her team to make the final designs look professional and clean. I would recommend Message Artist for any creative communication projects!”

Admiral Packaging

Manufacturer of high-quality flexible packaging.