Excellence Unbounded Project:

Brand Messaging, Website Architecture, & Copy Content

Project Overview

The client was launching her own business after retiring as a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and being certified as an executive coach. Her old website reflected her evolution and journey, but it did not adequately capture her 20+ years of professional and personal development experience, training, speaking skills, and global perspective. She needed a site that would highlight her unique value proposition and high-quality coaching service to attract new clients, as well as feature her speaking services.


  • Establish Messaging (core values, vision, mission, ideal client profile, and UVP)
  • Develop a website architecture to highlight her unique value found in her coaching and speaking services while guiding visitors to CTAs
  • Create compelling website copy to showcase the client’s coaching approach, superior training and skill set, begin to build trust from prospective clients, and showcase her speaking skills
  • Write copy for her speaker one sheet that reflects Shawnette’s speaking style and skills
  • Partner with design firm for visuals and deliverables

Solution & Deliverables*

Website Architecture & Copy

Websites change. Please view the PDF for an accurate depiction of the content we created.

Speaker Sheet

*Website and Speaker Sheet Design by MavroCreative.

About the Client

Excellence Unbounded is an executive coaching business, working with leaders seeking to disrupt the status quo, transform paradigms, and present new, innovative solutions.

Shawnette Rochelle offers 1:1 executive coaching and executive off-sites primarily and also offers workshops that can be tailored for delivery to organizations of various sizes. At Excellence Unbounded, Shawnette helps leaders develop additional leadership capacity through executive coaching with a targeted focus on 4 areas: Mindset, Courage, Resilience, and Innovation.


“Working with Deb and her team at Message Artist Creative Group was a true pleasure! I had never worked with a copywriter before, so I was keen to assess how well Deb and her team could produce copy that demonstrated an understanding of my business, how I work with clients, and my style of communication. Well, I was thrilled when she and her writing team came back with compelling copy that exceeded my expectations. That copy now allows website visitors to quickly understand my business and how I work with clients. The best part: she did it in a way that was consistent with my tone and style. Thanks so much, Deb! You and your team truly delivered! It was great working with you at every stage of the production schedule.”

Shawnette Rochelle

Coach & Speaker, Excellence Unbounded