Health Well Done Project:

Brand Messaging & Website Copy Content

Project Overview

The client had hired a web developer to build her site, but needed help with messaging and creating copy that reflected her mission, vision, UVP, her exceptional experience, and highlight her speaking services.


  • Establish brand messaging
  • Create SEO-friendly website copy that met all the client’s goals


Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer had years of experience and an established reputation in the A/E/C project management field. She needed to shift her reputation and showcase her passion for coaching and mentoring up-and-coming A/E/C professionals and for educating A/E/C professionals through speaking services.

Solution & Deliverables*

Brand Messaging and Website Copy Content

*Web design by Ryan Nabo, Ryan Nabo Website Solutions.

About the Client

Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer, President of Health Well Done, is on a mission to lead teams to simplify the planning and building process for optimal benefit of the people working and using the space, A/E/C professionals, and the planet. This starts with People-Centered Leadership which combines mental wellness with being an authentic leader in the A/E/C industry; it sets the tone for the way we care, connect, and coach each other.