Terpenes.net Project:

Web Copy Content for New Vape Cartridge

Project Overview

The client, who predominantly is a resource for terpenes, was launching a new and unique product into the marketplace: a lead-free vape cartridge. They needed a dedicated website product page in which people could purchase the cartridge, but also educate the public about why their product was a superior choice in the marketplace and for their own health.


  • Create accurate, informative, and accessible copy content for the product page that would educate potential buyers about the industry and risks while providing details about the product that would compel visitors to purchase.

Solution & Deliverables*

Product Copy for Website

About the Client

Terpenes.net™, a company offering botanical terpenes to cannabis dispensaries and creators, offers 100% all-natural, organic, food-grade botanical formulations sourced from the highest quality materials. There are no synthetic or artificial inputs in any product lines. Possessing the largest databases of botanical and hemp-derived terpene strain profiles available on the market, their clients can more fully explore and develop their own unique product offerings to stand out in a crowded market.