Resolutions? No. Goals? YES!!!

The last email I sent out talked about not bludgeoning ourselves with New Year’s Resolutions that will quickly have us feeling like failures. That said, it’s smart to set personal and professional goals for ourselves for the year. It helps us have a plan — detailed or general — for how we want our year to go or identify particular challenges we want to overcome. The bottom line is, goals are rarely achieved if we don’t capture them by putting them on a list or in some way make them concrete and real. If they’re not “real” to us (ie, out of our heads), we can’t create the plans, and the steps within those plans, that we need to achieve them.

The advice I’m throwing out to you (and plan to follow myself!) is to:

  • Find the Time.Put time in your calendar to actually think about what you want to achieve in your business and/or work on in the year ahead. I suggest then giving yourself a couple hours at the start of each month to revisit and tweak if needed.
  • Write it Down!Capture the goals you want to achieve — on paper, a tablet, on a big white board in your office — it helps! You need something concrete with which to work.
  • Be realistic.If your list has five goals, each of which would take at least a year of serious effort to achieve, you may be over-reaching. Pick the top one or two that you can realistically work on this year.
  • Make it Manageable.Break down those goals into some smaller steps that you can tackle in a month, a week, a day.
  • Get HelpResearch and find the resources that will best help YOU. (See below for some fab suggestions!)
  • Have Fun!Don’t forget to add one or two just-for-FUN things to your list!


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