Right Speech and Your Brand Message

How Right On Is Your Messaging and Communications?

I find myself revisiting my philosophical Yoga days. This has me contemplating the concept of Right Speech with all its implications and applications. (I wrote a blog a LONG time ago that talks about what Right Speech is and how to practice it even in social media. Check it out if interested.) But the point is, we’re too often talked AT, and we reciprocate the same. There seems to be little actual communication happening these days. So, it makes me wonder, how can we apply Right Speech to our businesses and brand message to ensure that communication actually happens?

Start with Brand Messaging & Values

I always talk to my clients about their brand messaging and values. I tell them that they must be clear in this foundational place because it informs everything else. If my client can’t clearly express why they’re doing what they’re doing honestly and transparently, it’ll be extremely difficult to convey to their prospective customers why they should buy my client’s products or services.

Brand messaging informs everything you do to reach your customers and clients. All marketing efforts are guided by your core brand message. When your brand messaging is clear, and your marketing is aligned with it, the who, what, why, and how of your and your business easily shines through.

Uniqueness & Authenticity at the Core

Conveying your message so you stand out from your competition can feel like tricky business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t focus on what anyone else is doing. Simply lean into what you and your business does well. Focus on the unique brilliance at the core of your own brand messaging and the right words and marketing strategy can more easily come to light.

All that said, don’t be afraid to admit you might need help with some of this! Successfully wrangling the right words into effective content can be a challenge for anyone. (Finding the time is often the most difficult part!)

You and your business are both vividly presented through the words you choose to use in all your marketing (website, social media profiles and posts, and printed materials.) It’s extremely important to choose those words wisely and strategically. Keeping the spirit of Right Speech in mind as you plan and implement your marketing — as well as when interacting with clients, vendors, and leads — can help keep your business image and brand in alignment with your values and brand message.
Let me know how I can help you with your messaging and marketing communications. The right words can truly make a big difference.


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