Websites: Strategy, Content, & Design

Whether you need a “soup-to-nuts” website (content, design, and website development) or content only, we provide custom, on-brand, on-target solutions and project management. From small to large websites, from Sales/Landing pages to About pages to Product and Service pages, Message Artist Creative Group is committed to ensuring that our clients’ sites have impact, stand out from their competitors, and speak directly to their intended audiences.

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One Pagers: Sales & Landing Pages, About Page, & Bios

If you’ve launched a new program, product, or service and need just one page, we can take care of that.

If you’ve added team members or feel your About page doesn’t accurately portray what you and your team bring to your customers, or your bio is out of date, we can fix that.

Small Custom Website (3-5 pages):

Small sites can still have big impact! Choosing this option over a simple “landing page” style website provides you with multiple pages which means your site is better primed for SEO (search engine optimization) and getting found in an organic search — and has a solid foundation for future growth.

Suggested pages can include: Home, About, Services/Products, Contact

This option includes:

  • One 60-minute interview, including establishing core brand messaging so all your copy is truly customized for YOUR business.
  • Additional emails and calls as needed.
  • Production Schedule*: 6-8 weeks for content, which includes 3-4 drafts prior to final copy, and 8-12 weeks for design and build.

Copy content investment starts at $3800.

Standard Custom Website (7-10 pages):

This option allows for deeper customization and even more targeted messaging that fully supports your brand and offerings. Additional pages and adding a blog option will further increase your SEO viability.

Suggested pages can include: Home, Work with Me, Services/Programs/Product Offerings (with several product/service subpages), About, Workshops/Events, Contact, Testimonials, Calendar, Blog, Lead Generator, Resources

This option includes:

  • One 90-minute to two-hour virtual interview conducted by Zoom (may include up to 3 people in the meeting), including establishing and/or refining core messaging.
  • Additional emails and calls as needed.
  • Production Schedule*: 8-10 weeks for content, which includes 3-4 drafts prior to final copy, and 8-12 weeks for design and build.

Copy content investment starts at $8600.

Large Custom Website (10+ pages):

10+ pages. Please contact us to discuss your needs so you may obtain a custom quote.

This option includes*:

  • Multiple interviews, as needed
  • Establishing and/or refining core brand messaging
  • Additional emails and calls as needed
  • Production Schedule*: 10-12+ weeks for content, and 12+ weeks for design and build.


* Production schedules are dependent on size and complexity of website as well as your choice of content-only or content and design.

Please reach out and schedule a conversation in order to obtain a quote.

Website Assessment & Review

Not sure whether you need a full website rehaul or just a few tweaks?

Or perhaps your site needs to work differently for your business than it did two years ago.

Are you unsure how to use your analytics to make better choices about your site?

We can go through your site and provide a full assessment and make strategic — and specific — suggestions for improvement.

Need some guidance around figuring out if this is something that would be of benefit? Read this blog post for clarification!

Working with Deb and her team at Message Artist Creative Group was a true pleasure! I had never worked with a copywriter before, so I was keen to assess how well Deb and her team could produce copy that demonstrated an understanding of my business, how I work with clients, and my style of communication. Well, I was thrilled when she and her writing team came back with compelling copy that exceeded my expectations. That copy now allows website visitors to quickly understand my business and how I work with clients. The best part: she did in a way that was consistent with my tone and style. Thanks so much, Deb! You and your team truly delivered! It was great working with you at every stage of the production schedule.

Shawnette Rochelle

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