What Was Your BIG Lesson/Win This Year?

As we look at closing 2019 — AND THIS DECADE (what?!) — I think it’s a good time to reflect on the past year even as we plan for the next. I find it helpful to take a few moments to acknowledge any big wins/lessons and be grateful for what they, and the year, brought.

For me, my big win/lesson/revelation was two things:

  • ONE: I wanted to rekindle my passion for my business. After a couple years of not being as engaged as I normally am (due to myriad reasons with which I don’t need to bore you), 2019 started with events that unfolded in such a way that I quickly discovered that I really and truly wanted to recommit to my business and in a way that was bigger and more expansive that I’d previously experienced. I’m now planning and looking at exponential growth in 2020! WAHOO! Yes, I’ll celebrate that!!!
  • TWO: Finally, and fully, realizing and accepting that just like everyone else, I CAN’T DO IT ALONE. (Read more on building your team in this post.) Because when I do try to do everything myself, everything is mediocre and mediocre is NOT me or Message Artist!

This second realization lead me to add resources (new systems, new apps, new processes) and hire help (a new Virtual Assistant as well as consultants, as needed) to learn how to do a variety of things better and lay the groundwork for the business growth I’m planning so it doesn’t stutter and stall before it even gets going.

Support Is VITAL

Realizing I can’t do it alone isn’t only referring to the people I hire for their help and expertise, it’s also acknowledging that my personal support — friends, family, and the network of business owners I meet — also offer invaluable help. Everything from my husband asking me, “What can I do to help you right now?” when my day is so full and dinner is nowhere in sight (I’m the cook in our family ) or a friend meeting me for a walk in the woods, or offering to come and hang out with me for several hours while we simply talk and knit because I desperately need some downtime. Or the new business connection/friend says, “let’s jump on Zoom and I’ll show you how I use Asana to manage my social activity … all these things add up to a big boatload of awesomeness!

We rise by lifting others quote by Robert Ingersoll. Building a team for support and help is vital to business owners.

Here Comes the Celebration & Love Fest!

There are more people than I could possibly name and acknowledge in one blog post, but there are some folks I’d love to call out and shower with praise. These are people who’ve stepped up in some way, large or small, for me, personally and professionally, this year and I am overflowing with gratitude.

  • My husband, Mike. This man is a true partner. Like most couples, we had agreements and assigned ourselves division of labor on tasks early on, but he saw how much more was on my plate this year and he started the conversation around what needed to change so I am better able to do what I’m doing. The support he offers (on ALL levels), encouragement, and occasional brainstorm sound boarding is beyond helpful. He’s the love of my life and his support is a vital and crucial piece in what I do. I say “thank you” every day for our relationship!
  • Becky Fox, Becky Fox Fitness, because girl, you rock! THANK YOU for hopping onto a Zoom meeting with me and sharing something you learned about using Asana (the project management app we both use) to manage the planning, process, and content of social marketing! Our conversation was a game changer for me and ultimately will save me both time and money. And thanks for the occasional walk in the woods; I look forward to a couple snowshoe adventures this winter, too!
  • Regina Noel, Virtual Assistant has been such a HUGE help! She is the one who’s finally got my “nurturing email series” where it needs to be and is a key driver when it comes to posting my business social posts — and it’s just going to get bigger and better! THANK YOU!
  • Susan Finn, Rise Above Noise helped me wrap my head around both what I needed to add to my digital marketing and outreach as well as what I needed to change up. She’s a phenomenal, heart-centered resource. So grateful we could work together!
  • Jeannette Travaline, Executive Director of the Randolph Chamber of Commerce, is one of the most dynamic women I know. She’s a new connection and immediately saw how we could work together to help our local business economy. Soon thereafter, I find myself not only a Chamber member, but on the Board as VP of Communication. THANK YOU! I’m excited to continue helping create both a thriving Chamber and local business community!
  • Jessamyn Kennedy, Peaceful Shores Holistic Veterinary HospiceJessamyn is a personal friend — and awesomely skilled veterinarian and entrepreneur — who has stepped up on more than one occasion to offer me the personal support every entrepreneur, business owner, and human needs. She listens without judgement, offers her thoughts when asked, and provides some of the best hugs you can hope to get … and she knows how to get me to stop and come out and play. THANK YOU.
  • Casey Dahm, Media Conscious. THANK YOU for jumping on website recovery when my site crashed two weeks before Thanksgiving! (What happens when the communications professional completely neglects her own site…) You helped make a stressful situation less so and did a phenomenal job getting a completely new site platform up and running in a crazy-short time without my brand suffering a digital lobotomy. THANK YOU!
  • Liana Cassar, Cassar Consulting and RI State Representative for District 66. One of my favorite people on the planet who probably knows all my secrets (we graduated undergrad together!) I’m incredibly grateful you’re still in my life and I’m beyond thrilled to be (finally!) creating ways for us to work together professionally! It is SUCH A JOY to brainstorm and develop new business ideas with you and I look forward to launching what we’re creating — so stay tuned everyone!
  • And last, but NOT least, our family — on both sides. Having kind, smart, thoughtful, and loving people willing to share in the ups and downs of life and work is something for which I’m immeasurably grateful. Both Mike and I know we’re truly blessed in this department!

And there are so many more wonderful people in my world. I have an incredible personal and professional network that continues to grow — true support in action!

Now It’s Your Turn!

I’d now like to ask you to reflect and think about what was your biggest win/lesson this year?

What revelation made you sit up and take notice? Did you have a big “Aha!” moment? Did you learn how to do something differently and found it making a world of difference to you, your business, or your life? Was there some shift, large or small, that felt like a game changer? Or perhaps best of all, was there an accomplishment that felt BIG to you that you can now celebrate?

I’d love for you to join me in my Facebook group, Messaging Matters! (consider it your own business support group) and share your big wins/lessons there (but commenting on the blog is good, too!) This is the type of info that helps inspire us all and often leads others to new thoughts and directions.

We’re all in this life and world together and we all go so much further when we help each other along the way.

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