What’s Your Visibility Plan?

We all know we should have a strategic marketing plan, but how many entrepreneurs and small businesses really do? I know a lot of business owners who are doing it all themselves and sometimes they just throw stuff out there because they don’t know what else to do. But a strategic marketing plan can make a huge difference to your bottom line. If your ideal audience is seeing your business and what you’re doing on a consistent basis, it goes a long way toward converting them into customers.

So … what’s IS a visibility plan? It’s your marketing plan. It’s the strategy that will get you closer to your goals. People need to SEE you. They need to know what you’re doing and offering and be given the opportunity to interact, engage, and purchase. They can’t do any of this if you’re nowhere to be found. You want to consistently show up in your marketplace and in the space where your ideal customers work and play.

How to Create a Visibility Plan

The first thing you must do is get super clear about what you want to achieve. Get those big goals down and out of your head and onto a list or whatever your system is for turning goals into achievable tasks. You need to not only know what you want to achieve, but WHY. And ask, “Why?” for everything you do! Why are you on that social platform? Why are you sending that email? Why are you offering that program? If the answers you get aren’t directly supporting you achieving that big goal, then you may not want to be doing that activity.

Ask why for everything - Message Artist

It helps to identify what type of marketing/visibility activities you both like to do and can do. (You may need to adjust your list to accommodate your resources, both time and money.) Now, I’m not saying we don’t step outside our comfort zone, but if you’re new to marketing, you may want to get a few of the easier-for-you tactics down first before jumping into what freaks you out. But, you decide!

Avenues to Visibility

Here are some of the options to consider for your visibility plan:

  • Content Marketing (Emails, blog/video blog)
  • Social Media (read why LinkedIn matters!)
  • Networking
  • Casual and Formal Referrals
  • Speaking: hosting webinars & workshops, participating in events (telesummits, conferences), or tv or radio interviews
  • Podcasting: either hosting or being a guest (check out one of my guest spots!)

Take the above list and decide what appeals to you. What can you do with the resources you have? What makes you excited and what makes you cringe? And if it all makes you cringe, what can you do to create the revenue to hire someone or someones to take care of your marketing for you?

There’s no absolutely right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the avenues you want to pursue in your visibility plan. It’s actually imperative that we find ways to market ourselves and our businesses in ways that feel genuine and authentic to us. And how much better if we find ways that we actually enjoy?!

Now, admittedly, if you’re a new business and just starting out, it’s likely you will have to do tasks you’d rather not. Most business owners need some time and increased revenue before they can delegate stuff out. But, if you know you will want and need to do this, then start your research NOW. Follow various marketing professionals and get to know them and what they do. Discover who you like and who you don’t. Schedule time to talk with them and find out what they offer and what’s the investment cost — you can’t plan and budget for something if you don’t know what the value will be!

Ready for Some Visibility Help?

If you already know you’re done with doing your own marketing and content creation, then let’s talk. My team and I can take visibility tasks off your plate so you can focus on the parts of your business that only you can do. I LOVE helping clients find their voice, create their branding and strategy, and reach their ideal customers! I look forward to hearing from you!

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