Why Does a Business Need to Blog?

You’ve got your website, you’re on social media, why do you need a blog, too? 

Because a blog provides SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to connect with your customers/clients and achieve your business goals. Blogs have come a long way. They are now an important content marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.

When executed with purpose and strategy, a blog will achieve the main benefits of content marketing: providing value, developing long-term relationships (trust!), and guiding your audience to purchase your products/services.

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Top Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

A blog does take time to create but so many businesses get a significant return on their time investment. Here are some of the many benefits that provide a return on your investment.

Creates a Catalog of Content 

Your blog is like a digital file box for your content. A lot of content will be evergreen so you can use it time and again. (Yup, I’ve written about blogs before and I’ll write about them again.)

What I love about blogs is how they can also provide content for my social media. I post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram more frequently than I blog and it’s great that I can pull content from my blogs to post as tips. When I create my editorial calendar, I choose topics per Quarter that match my business goals. I then use core elements from each post to share on my social media platforms. It’s a strategic process. The more organized and intentional you are up front the more effective each post will be during the year.

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Reveals Your Expertise and UVP (Unique Value Proposition)  

It’s a perfect opportunity to highlight what your business does well, why you do it, and why this makes you a better choice than your competitors. Let’s be clear, your blog post isn’t shouting out like a TV commercial. Instead, it’s the subtle approach that is revealed over time. Blogs can provide great insight into how your company rolls. 

Each post is an opportunity to provide value and show your expertise; it provides a platform to share your authenticity and expertise over and over again.

A lot of my blog posts mention the WHY of your business because it matters to my team and I. I want us to dive deep into why a business does what they do, how they do it, and how that serves their customers. Finding the WHY is a big part of content marketing strategy and how I approach it is part of my expertise. When it comes to your own business blog, you’ll want your topics to reflect the why of your business, too. (And BONUS: it keeps your website refreshed with new content which search engines LOVE which leads me to …)

Improves Your SEO

Since your blog posts are tied to your mission and your products/services, your content will naturally be full of the keywords that your target audience uses to seek out answers and solutions like Why do I need a blog? This is a much more valuable approach to using keywords than forcing them into every corner of your website. Search engines love websites that are “dynamic” by virtue of regularly offering new and updated content, so a frequently updated blog will help your target audience find you.

For businesses with a small staff or a sole proprietor, blogging once a month is often the right balance for being manageable while also being sure to consistently connect with your audience. 

Shares Your Brand Voice 

When someone clicks on the link to your blog, they (hopefully) reach a post that immediately conveys your brand. They see your graphics, your tagline(s), your style, and they come to recognize your brand voice with each post they read. What does your business stand for? What’s your mission? Your values? How do they relate to serving your clients? This may sound like a lot of questions, but when you have solid brand messaging it naturally becomes part of all your marketing, including blog posts. Since it’s generally updated more often than your website and is a longer format than social media posts, it really lends itself to showcasing your brand voice. And getting clients/leads familiar with your brand voice builds trust and loyalty so they’re more inclined to choose your products and services. 

Grows Your Following

Each post you create offers you the opportunity to customize your call to action and drive people back to specific website pages. As I always say, your website is your best marketing tool. Through CTAs, you can link to particular pages for people to contact you, get more information, book a call, and make purchases. And, as I mentioned earlier, your blog content can be used on your social media platforms so you’re really generating a LOT of content for multiple marketing channels. And more ways to reach your target audience is a good thing.

How Can We Help You?

Do you need help developing blog topics that match your business goals? Or is it time to consider outsourcing your blog writing? Schedule some time with me and let’s chat about how to integrate a blog into your digital marketing plan (and how to use your blog to create social posts!).

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