Why Email Marketing Wins

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a LOT of moving pieces. It can be really easy to feel overwhelmed really fast, especially if you’re not ready to outsource or hire employees to take care of all the various pieces. From websites and search optimization, to social media platforms and email marketing, to pay per click ads and webinars … it’s impossible to do it all well without help. If you are still doing it all yourself, focus on doing a couple things well. Keep in mind, research proves email marketing delivers some of the best ROI out there, which is why I think email marketing wins the digital marketing game.

I find that email marketing infuses many of my general marketing conversations with clients. Landing pages are a big part of what I offer clients (and here’s a blog post on why), but I can’t have that conversation without also talking about email marketing. Why? Because what happens after someone responds to the call-to-action? You need to nurture that lead and start to develop a relationship. And you do that, by getting them on your email list.

I asked Susan Finn, Digital Marketing Strategist and owner of Rise Above Noise to share some of her insights around email marketing. And it turns out, she agrees with me: email marketing wins.

Be Generous, Be Consistent, Be Found

It’s so noisy out there in the digital marketing world.

When you flip your computer on, doesn’t it feel like those infomercial episodes where everyone is just yelling … louder and louder with each moment?

  • “Listen to me! I’ve got the best pillow!”
  • “Over here, check out this new power washer!”
  • “Come on down! We’ve got the shoes you’ve been wanting your whole life!”

I get it … it can seem really hard to “rise above noise.”

Your challenge as a business owner is to “show up” as the professional you are and offer your services to those who need what you’re offering. But it’s also important to protect our limited time and energy when it comes to our digital marketing activities.

So … Why use Email Marketing?

My client, Abby (not her real name), a parent coach, worked with families with challenging children. When working with those families, she brought along her toolbox of art-therapy, movement, meditation, calming techniques, conflict resolution, and more to help create the family’s version of peace and harmony. The children became happier at home, better students, and better friends. BUT, Abby was shying away from email marketing. She would tell me, “I don’t want to bother people in their inbox.”

My response? A BIG, “Oh my goodness, Abby! Parents of challenging children NEED you! How can you NOT show up where they can find you?!”

She had to shift her mindset to one of generosity and sharing versus “bothering.” Abby began to create monthly emails with stories, resources, tips, and strategies designed to be of value to her intended audience. We created generous and compelling ways for parents to sign up for her monthly tips with lead generators that provided high value. She offered free downloads, activity sheets, and videos that the parents could use in their homes and right away.

Abby’s list of engaged and grateful readers grew. She heard things like, “You’re the angel in my inbox, Abby.” “I can’t believe the difference in my child’s day — and in my own!”

Abby became a trusted resource for parents who were searching for guidance and answers to help them with their parenting challenges. They wanted to receive her helpful tips and Abby started to look forward to creating the emails. Instead of feeling “selly-selly,” she felt generous. She didn’t need to push. She realized that she could grow her business with attraction marketing.

7 Reasons Email Marketing Wins

Email marketing is very much worth the investment of time, energy, and money if you are trying to grow your ideas, serve more clients, and create a sustainable business. So, I’ve compiled 7 things that make email marketing my hands-down favorite tool for growing your service-based business:

1) Build Relationships and Credibility

We all know, it’s all about the Know-Like-Trust. With email, you can offer personal and personalized communication. Email gives people a way to easily contact you with their questions.

2) Stay Top of Mind

It may seem crazy, I know, but 91% of consumers check their email every single day (at least once a day). While many can go a few days without checking social media, most people check their email several times a day.

3) It’s Fairly Inexpensive

A consistent, targeted email strategy can actually save you money over some of the less strategic options on the digital marketing menu. With email options that allow you to start for free, and several with moderate monthly fees, it turns out to be a less expensive way to reach people who are interested in hearing from you and communicating with you regularly.

4) It’s Permission-Based

You actually need to get permission to contact folks directly via email. And when you get it, it’s because the people are usually interested in your exclusive content, special offers, and discounts. They are also interested in what you have to say as an expert in your field and are looking to learn more about you and your business. They want to keep up-to-date with events or happenings and after awhile, will even be looking to find ways they can further support you.

5) You Own Your List

Email is the only place where people — not algorithms — are in control. With other digital channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, paid search, and even organic search — someone or something else decides who sees your content, and when and where they see it.

6) Easily Converts Readers to Customers

When an offer lands directly in an inbox, it’s pretty easy for that person to respond — especially when it’s something in which they have an interest (and you know they are interested because they’re on your list!) People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.

7) Brings More Visitors to Your Website

Driving traffic to your site is the whole point of it all, isn’t it? We want people to learn more about us and to click that button to schedule a call with us or buy our latest program. Email marketing makes it easy to drive more visitors to your website. And its analytics provide you with valuable information on your website traffic so you can make informed decisions on your content.

Email Marketing Gives You an Advantage

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to forget all about about social media and the myriad other ways we connect with our audience. Social platforms can be a powerful channel for amplifying your message, increasing top-of-mind awareness, and expanding your reach. But when it comes to the hard stuff — lead generation, revenue generation, and customer profiling — email marketing has the biggest advantage.

If you’re ready to grow a list so that you can show up with consistency and generosity, build your “Know-Like-Trust”, and get more clients to grow your business, let’s have a chat.

Susan Finn is the founder and owner of Rise Above Noise where she believes that every heart-centered entrepreneur has a gift to offer.

Susan’s “Big Idea” is: If you can be seen, you can change the world.

She truly believes that marketing is an act of service to those who are currently searching for exactly what you can offer.

Susan guides heart-centered entrepreneurs to save time, protect their energy, and show up with consistency in online channels to grow their business past ‘word of mouth.’ She believes that marketing with a sharing mindset allows business owners to follow a marketing plan in a way that feels natural and generous.


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