Why It’s Worth Hiring a Copywriter

Content writing is a constant need when running a business today. Blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, etc, all need to be updated regularly and you may be near the tipping point of trying to do it by yourself or keep it in-house. But you may also be wondering if it’s worth the investment to hire a copywriter.

To help you determine if it is time to outsource some (or all!) of your content writing, let’s look at the main reasons that hiring copywriters (content writers) has become as common as hiring out payroll services. 😉

Top Reasons for Hiring a Copywriter

1) Gain More Time

This one is obvious, but it’s important — it’s what we’re all after. Writing content on a regular basis takes time. And we all know the saying: Time Equals Money. Use YOUR time to do what you’re most skilled at. Hire copywriters to do what they’re skilled at, which is …

2) Receive Strategic Content

Copywriters use your editorial calendar to guide them in creating content that matches your business goals. (And really good copywriters will bring the strategy and also help you create that editorial calendar!) They understand that the purpose of content is to guide clients/customers and perspectives through the proverbial sales funnel … but I’m not talking about “salesy” copy (because we don’t do that here.) Good content writers know that the goal is to develop a relationship with the audience. They share valuable information that offers tips and solutions. And they create actionable copy that strategically leads readers to CTAs. If your existing content marketing lacks strategy and results, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to outsource.

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3) Brand Voice Consistent Across All Platforms

All of your marketing content from short social media posts to brochures to detailed web pages should be instantly recognizable as coming from your brand. A copywriter will deliver content in your brand voice and its personality will be reflected across all platforms and mediums. Your leads and clients will come to know your brand voice with every interaction; it’s this consistency that builds trust.

4) Clean, Engaging Copy Content, Every Time

Creating clean copy content requires more than running spell check. Copywriters know how to choose the words and phrases that engage your audience while reflecting the language your audience uses.) Many copywriters can also incorporate SEO-friendly practices to improve your search engine ranking. And, of course, they will make sure everything is grammatically correct, including catching the types of mistakes that spell check doesn’t register. (Think about mistaking one of these words … spell check won’t save you: coarse/course, hair/hare, deer/dear, wear/where, role/roll, bear/bare … and the list goes on.) If you write your own copy and make mistakes, however subtle or small they may be, there’s a chance you’ll turn off the audience you’re looking to attract. Hiring a copywriter helps mitigate the mistake factor.

Clarifying Your Copywriting Needs

BEFORE you start searching for that perfect match in a copywriter you must clarify your needs. Because there are a lot of copywriters out there that may be perfect for other businesses and projects, but not necessarily perfect for yours. 

So ask yourself (and your team if you have one) …

  • Do you need to refresh/create a brand OR will your copywriter be working with an established brand?
  • Is your industry so specific that you need someone who is already working in it?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What types of projects do you need help with?
  • Do you have a strategy in place for the projects?
  • What is your budget?

Your answers will help direct your search so that you know whether to look for a writer who specializes in creating brand voices or if you can go with a more general copywriter. And while copywriters can research and write for a range of audiences, you need to make sure that they can write for BOTH your audience and your platforms. For example, if you need the most help making your social media posts convert and you hire someone that specializes in long-form blogs, then you’re going to have trouble reaching your social media audience. 

Of course, you’ll want to look at portfolios, read reviews, and get referrals, too.

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Hiring a Copywriter and Successfully Working with Them

Now comes the fun part. Working with a copywriter IS FUN (when you hire the right person!) because you’re finally getting the support you need as well as a knowledgeable perspective. Content writers like to write for an audience and when you’ve clearly identified and explained who that audience is, they have what they need to do what they excel at. Clear goals, objectives, and guidance will help your copywriter know what’s expected. With that said, these are the types of details to determine and discuss at the get-go:

What results do you want from your content?

Some projects you assign may lean more heavily on providing information to develop a relationship with a client/lead while others may be more focused on pushing the sale of your product or service. Your copywriter should know the goal of each project so they can create the best content to meet that goal.

Discuss your Contract Agreement

What’s the scope of the projects you’re outsourcing? What are the deadlines? Will you pay an hourly rate or a flat fee? What’s the rate if you go over the standard revisions? Each writer’s system may vary a bit, but you want to make sure that the system works for both of you.

Who will oversee your copywriter (and how)?

If you’re a sole proprietor, this answer is easy — you are the supervisor! But it’s good to think about this relationship ahead of time so you can anticipate the most effective way to collaborate on shared goals. When you hire a copywriter, a specific person should be the point of contact and supervise the copywriter so that communication is efficient … you’re trying to save time, right?! The more clear you are on your brand voice and goals, the more independently and effectively your hire can work.

You’ll want to establish a system and process, too. I work with my writers through a project management system. I find it a great way for keeping track of all the projects and their assigned tasks, who’s working on them, what the deadlines are … and I can link to my editorial calendar and any other relevant resources. It alleviates A TON of emails back and forth with revisions attached and I know I’m always seeing the most updated content. It’s a true time-saver so I highly recommend finding one you like to use and then using it!

Trust & Delegation

I know when I started hiring content writers, I was a bit reluctant to hand over the reins. But I did all the homework and prep I’ve shared in this blog and what I now have is a team that I trust to help support the goals of my business AND who will serve MACG clients well.

I know that hiring a copywriter may look different for you than me, but whether you hire one writer or more, the process is the same. And when you hire the right people, it is really rewarding.

How Can We Help You?

We know a LOT about content writing! It’s our expertise here at Message Artist Creative Group. We can help you refresh a brand voice and create great content marketing. We can even talk through options with you. If you’re interested in learning how to take some content creation off of your plate, schedule some time with me and let’s chat about your content marketing needs.


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